TbioArt-iculate nature, the life work of Treva McLean, Lakota poet-artist-activist, consists of 2 primary movements: Assemblage (find materia in naturally occurring steps,) & fastening (sealing the materia 2 the foundation work – be it canvas, wood, stone, metal, even air. At this time, commissioned work occupied a goodly amount of our perception, however, we have s good display or two, like this site. Additional points of the mind set, art-iculation, on average there is a one-year meditative or thinking prior between the 2 above-referenced movements. I Call it “time lock safe,” or marinated, subject matter. The primary course is a quarter turn/step, I call “well bred angles,”. This is where I turn the materia in my mind without touching, 4 several days, at times, anticipating the pleasure of which objects each hand will soothe into placement for the good. My quadrants of thought are these 12 well-bred angles.

1. Presence

2. Presentation ( the pieces).

3. organism (my hands).

4. organic wind movements.

5. days of thoughts.

6. Dreams. Night dance. (I need dream each piece).

7. Sun dance. (Only outdoor assemblage counts as art-iculate).

8. Stark. Empty space.

9. Sleep depth. (After assemblage).

10. Relativity 2 life patterns or paths acknowledged.

11. Explain 2 appropriate recipient only.

12. The absence. (Once removed). The empty plane. Enjoy our space. Contact is as follows.